Dash charging: Beauty with Brain!

American actress and model Emily Ratajkowski recently appeared in a YouTube promotional video for One Plus 3T explains the true beauty of “Dash charging”. One Plus 3T is the best budget smart phone of 2016-2017 and it can actually beat any of the flagship smartphone available in terms of performance and look. Dash charging is one of the added advantage that makes this phone unique.


What is Dash charging?
Dash charging is the smartest form of fast charging technology that is currently available. Samsung has already introduced fast charging and wireless fast charging. However, when it comes to safety you might think twice before enabling fast charging in a Samsung smartphone.
The fast charging process in a Samsung Galaxy smartphone is not a direct fast charging process. i.e. the charging process includes the adaptor and the charging regulatory circuit of the phone which might generate “heat” sometimes due to the extra pressure on the internal regulatory circuit. But in One Plus 3T, the Dash charging process charges the battery directly. The entire fast charging process happens within the adaptor of the phone. So the phone will not generate heat. This makes Dash charging the smartest fast charging technology.
Emily Ratajkowski explains the same in the promotional video. You can understand the actual competition that One Plus is giving to the flagships available through the gesture and the script of this video.
Fast charging is really a cool thing. But the safety is also a big concern as the lithium ion battery present in any smartphone is actually an explosive. So regulation of the charging capability of the battery is necessary. If you are a fan of Dash charging/fast charging, let us know your opinion in the comment.

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