Gear S3 : The smart watch that is not smart enough!

The Gear S3 (Frontier/Classic), the smart watch of the year from Samsung has some major technical flaws with it. The watch is on its second month and while Samsung is really struggling to deliver the orders, nobody has yet noticed these major flaws, which makes us believe that Gear S3 is not actually that smart.

What makes a smart watch different from the regular watches? Is it the watch face? A smart watch should be a micro replica of a smartphone from which one can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, Emails and can do other smart things like booking a cab or a restaurant, navigate through map or make payment etc. Well an user with a high-end Samsung phone can do all that stuff on the Gear S3. However, there are certain limitations for others who are not using a high-end Samsung phone. There is no option for an iPhone user to use a Samsung Gear. That’s not an issue actually. Apple watch does the same. They work only with the iPhones. But most of the Android phones which are running over Android 4.4 and at least have 1.5GB RAM in it can not provide all the features that a Gear S3 has.
The most common features are Calls, Messages and Emails. On the office website of US region Samsung says the following things.
1. Call experience may vary depending on manufacturer.
2. Some Android phones limited on text reply, call back from text and read notification check from phone.
3. No Email sync capability for non-Samsung phones.
In the past years, Samsung always stood ahead of Apple, Motorola and other well-known smart watch makers. Innovation, design, usability and compatibility were the key features of a Samsung gear for a long time. While the features and advertisement of the Gear S3 will attract non-Samsung users to get the new Gear S3 but ultimately they can not get the basic smart watch experience out of it.
A lot of wearable tech gadgets including smart watches from different manufacturers were released in 2016. Let us know which smart watch is the best suitable for you.

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