Google Pixel or Pixel XL is NOT water proof.

While the flagship smart phones from Samsung and Apple are rated with IP68 and IP67 respectively, Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL are rated with IP53. However the price range of all these devices are the same.
In fact all of above mentioned devices are NOT water proof. The Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 are dust and water resistant and there is a huge difference between “waterproof” and “water resistant”.
So you might have a question in your mind. “What IP53 does stand for?” So here is the answer.
The first number, five, means that “dust must not enter in enough quantity to affect the normal operation.” The amount of dust that can get inside the phone isn’t defined, but we’re assured enough to make things stop working normally isn’t going to happen.
The second number, three, means the Pixels are “Protected against spraying water when tilted up to a 60-degree angle from its normal position.” Normal velocity (not under any type of external pressure) can rain down on the phone while it’s flat and the phone can be tilted like it was in use in your hand and still not be damaged.
So there is a huge “question mark” on the durability of the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL smart phones. What are your comments on these 2 phones. Write down in the comment section and let us know.


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